Monday, January 11, 2010

Towards a planetary culture.

Here's a few interesting blogs which explore a planetary perspective:

A Holistic Cosmology would not be a set of untested beliefs or cultural instructions, but a body of knowledge offering the greatest amount of social coherence to those who have out grown the regionalism of cultural specific beliefs. A Holistic Cosmology would be for those ready to embrace a unified understanding of what it means to be a singular humanity

Myths may therefore be seen as mind maps with built-in sets of directions to best help the collective-individual navigate the terrain of life. We may now understand why Campbell said that a society who has either forgotten or misinterpreted its myths is for all intended purposes lost—disoriented and in the dark. The overarching function of myth is then to orient, to guide and to relate the individual-collective with the phenomenal world.
3. Heidikolb's blog, "On AVATAR and the return of the feminine, a Jungian Perspective." I liked this in particular because it offered an alternative to the more cynical/dismissive reviews in mainstream media.

Much has been written about the film Avatar since its release. Critical voices abound. Some see it as a “white person’s fantasy on racial identity”. This thought would have never occurred to me. Others see it as a “mythic expose” of Western militarism & colonialism. That reasoning I can appreciate. It is what one might see when the eye is focused on the history of Western civilization. To that I will add some thoughts from psyche’s perspective.
4. The Gaia Community College. Anyone see this before? I just found it, looks promising!

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